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'17 can. 2319 §1: Marriage before non-Catholic minister excommunicable offense‽

Started by Geremia, June 10, 2019, 05:21:20 PM

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1917 Code can. 2319:
Quote§ 1. Subsunt excommunicationi latae sententiae Ordinario reservatae catholici:     1°. Qui matrimonium ineunt coram ministro acatholico contra praescriptum can. 1063, § 1;

§ 1. The following Catholics are excommunicated latae sententiae reserved to the Ordinary:     1°. Who contract marriage before a non-Catholic minister against can. 1063, § 1;
can. 1063, § 1 says:
QuoteEtsi ab Ecclesia obtenta sit dispensatio super impedimento mixtae religionis, coniuges nequeunt, vel ante vel post matrimonium coram Eccclesia initum, adire quoque, sive per se sive per procuratorem, ministrum acatholicum uti sacris addictum, ad matrimonialem consensum praestandum vel renovandum.

Although a dispensation from the above impediment of mixed religioun has been obtained from the Church, the spouses cannot, either before or after the marriage entered into in the present of the Church, also go, personally or through a procurator, to a non-Catholic minister as [if to] one in ministry, in order to offer or renew matrimonial consent.
I couldn't find anything in the '83 Code saying Catholics attempting marriage in front of a non-Catholic minister incur latæ sententiæ excommunication.

Is it no longer an excommunicable offense? If so, why?