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Le vrai ressourcement v. le ressourcement de la nouvelle théologie

Started by Kephapaulos, July 31, 2021, 02:43:33 PM

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Of course, the new theology is the inheritor of modernism as the book title says, and I have seen that the Youtube channel Reason and Theology has had some videos that talk about the subject with different guests.

Is this not still the "hermeneutic of continuity?"

There has to be something that can convince those who continue to hold to such ideas today, but was not ressourcement really a front for modernism?

Who was doing research of the Church Fathers who were sound and orthodox aside from Migne?

Unless I am unaware, I see also that various neomodernist theologians never really thought that they could each be wrong in their assertions that were erroneous. It is too bad that Pius XII was not stronger in dealing with the situation, but it is understandable in light of his health at the time. 

Is there even such thing as an "Augustinian phenomenology" type of philosophy that looks at things from the subjective point of view and regards phenomena like in the thinking of John Paul II? I should read that series of books on the subject about his thinking up to Assisi in 1986. I have them. If I can find the time to read all my books! Timothy Flanders might touch on it here in his Meaning of Catholic, unless I am mistaken: It has a beautiful introduction with Padre Vivaldi's setting of Psalm CXXI. Mr. Flanders makes mention in a previous video here at about 57:24: He and his friend Kennedy Hall speak about St. Thomas and St. Bonaventure a few minutes before.