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Title: Ossification?
Post by: Kephapaulos on March 06, 2022, 11:26:13 PM

In a recent video of Timothy Flanders of The Meaning of Catholic, he attempts to vindicate the traditional Catholic cause in comparison to Ratzinger during the 1950s and cites historian Henry Sire who said that there was an ossification of the Church before Vatican II. He would say this was in regard to its fighting off the modern world but neglecting proper organic development and there being a monopoly of Thomism while leaving out other schools as well as there being merely repetition of what St. Thomas said but no genuine theological formulation. I suppose there was ossification to some degree in consideration of the quote of Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange read by Flanders in the video where he condemns empty and lifeless manualism.

Flanders has been emphasizing an "anti-no salvation outside Thomism" stance and wishes to foster revival of the rival theological schools as well as Thomism such as Scotism, Suarezianism, etc.
Title: Re: Ossification?
Post by: Geremia on March 07, 2022, 07:26:19 PM
Ossified like "bone of my bones" (Gen. 2:23)? 😉 I wonder if ecclesiologists have ever noted the meaning of the Church's "bones" (cf. "Adam prophesied Christ & Church marriage? (").

St. Thomas on Ps. 41:11 ( ("Whilst my bones are broken"):
QuoteOssa Ecclesiae sunt fortes, ut praelati et viri perfecti.
["The bones of the Church are the strong, like perfect prelates and men."]

cf. Ps. 33:21 ( ("The Lord keepeth all their bones, not one of them shall be broken.").