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«Super Rerum», the first interdisciplinary open-access Catholic journal

Started by Geremia, December 13, 2016, 01:26:38 PM

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Several people wrote some excellent papers for the work-in-progress, The Romish Papist. Unfortunately, the person organizing it is in the military and is in Iraq. Here is what I wrote to the other authors regarding Super Rerum:
     I have decided to found the first open-access journal from a traditional Catholic perspective called (tentatively) Super Rerum.
     We all have written some good pieces for The Romish Papist, which could be submitted to Super Rerum. I know some other authors, too, who have already written several unpublished works which could also be published in an issue of Super Rerum. Once we get an issue published, Super Rerum will have its own ISSN and will be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
     So you can submit your paper to the website for double-blind peer review (among us), I have sent you an email with registration instructions for the secure website powered by Open Journal Systems (OJS). Everyone's role will start out as author and reviewer.
Click here to submit articles for review. So far, a friend of mine with a background in physics, philosophy, and Scriptural exegesis is submitting his papers, and Joseph Shaw is submitting the FIUV position papers. So far, there are about a dozen people involved, but we hope it will grow.