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Spain's glorious pre-Vatican II constitution

Started by Geremia, July 06, 2017, 10:28:18 AM

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QuoteII. The Spanish nation regards as a badge of honour its respect for the Law of God, according to the doctrine of the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, the one true and inseparable faith of the national conscience, which inspires the legislation of the country.
QuoteVII. The Spanish people, united by Law and order, cognizant of the postulates of authority, liberty and service, constitute the National State. Their political system is, within the immutable principles of the National Movement and the provisions of the Law of Succession and the other Fundamental Laws, a traditional, Catholic, social and representative Monarchy.
QuoteArticle Six. The profession and practice of the Catholic religion, which is the religion of the Spanish State, shall enjoy official support. The State shall assume the responsibility of protecting religious freedom, which shall be guaranteed by an efficacious juridical machinery, which, at the same time, shall safeguard morals and public order.
Article Six was changed on 26 June 1967 to protect even the public expressions of non-Catholics, and was approved by Modernist Rome because it aligned with Dignatitis Humanæ!
QuoteArticle Twenty-two. The State recognizes and protects the family as a natural institution and the foundation of society, with rights and duties anterior and superior to every positive human law.  Matrimony shall be indissoluble.
The State shall give special assistance to large families.
QuoteArticle Nine. In order to exercise the Headship of State as King or Regent, the candidate must be male and a Spaniard, must have attained the age of thirty, profess the Catholic religion, possess the qualities necessary for the execution of his high mission and swear to uphold the Fundamental Laws, as well as swear allegiance to the Principles governing the National Movement. The same oath must be taken by the successor after reaching the age of thirty years.
transl. of/from Fundamental Laws of the State by Francisco Franco

Here's what the 1978 Constitution, Article 16 says:
Quote1. Freedom of ideology, religion and worship is guaranteed, to individuals and communities with no other restriction on their expression than may be necessary to maintain public order as protected by law.
2. No one may be compelled to make statements regarding his or her ideology, religion or beliefs.
3. No religion shall have a state character. The public authorities shall take into account the religious beliefs of Spanish society and shall consequently maintain appropriate cooperation relations with the Catholic Church and other confessions.
And the Holy See approved this‽