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How to contribute ebooks to the library?

Started by CatholicBookworm, July 28, 2019, 04:07:56 AM

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Hello, Geremia!

Thanks and congratulations on keeping this wonderful effort running.

How does one add an ebook to the library? When I try to do it through the "+" sign in the library section, I get the following message:

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Failed to upload the file: XYZ.mobi
You must be logged in to make changes to the library
Failed to communicate with "/calibre/cdb/add-book/2/n/XYZ.mobi/CalibreLibrary", with status: [403]

Anonymous users are not allowed to make changes

Is there some other method of contributing a book here?



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Please PM me, and I'll let you know how. Thanks!


Kindly give instructions for uploading as the current method is not working

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