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[VID]7. Saturn and the Cosmic Tale of Humanity-182436.mp42020-01-23 09:21 748M 
[VID]6. Our Electrical Bonds to the Universe-182362.mp42020-01-23 09:20 642M 
[VID]5. Deep Memories of Mars-182275.mp42020-01-23 09:20 679M 
[VID]4. The Birth of Venus-182216.mp42020-01-23 09:20 642M 
[VID]3. Electric Stars-182126.mp42020-01-23 09:18 622M 
[VID]2. Modern Understanding of Ancient Cosmology-182074.mp42020-01-23 09:18 620M 
[VID]1. The Spark of an Electric Universe-182066.mp42020-01-23 09:17 734M