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Volume 10, Issue 1 - Winter 2012

Cajetan Cuddy, O.P. & Romanus Cessario, O.P. "Witness to Faith: George Weigel, Blessed John Paul II, and the Theological Life." 1-13.

Thomas Joseph White, O.P. "Why Should Christians Study Philosophy?" 15-25.

Ansgar Santagrossi, O.S.B. "Anaphoras Without Institution Narrative: Historical and Dogmatic Considerations." 27-59.

Christopher Thompson. "Introduction to the Symposium on Aquinas and the Environmnet." 61-66.

Christopher Thompson. "Perennial Wisdom: Notes Toward a Green Thomism." 67-80.

Kenneth Schmitz. "Towards the Reciprocity of Man and Nature: Receptivity, Normativity, and Procreativity." 81-94.

Christopher Blum. "On the Recovery of Experience and the Search for a Christian Environmentalism." 95-104.

Stratford Caldecott. "At Home in the Cosmos: The Revealing of the Sons of God." 105-20.

John A. Cuddeback. "Renewing Husbandry: Wendell Berry, Aristotle, and Thomas Aquinas on 'Economics.'" 121-34.

David Paul Deavel. "The Gift of Wonder: Chestertonian Resources for Creation Stewardship?" 135-42.

Stephen A. Hipp. "Nature's Finality and the Stewardship of Creation According to Saint Thomas Aquinas." 143-91.

Steven A. Long. "Thomistic Reflections on the Cosmos, Man, and Stewardship." 193-213.

Charles Morerod, O.P. "A World of Natures and the Presence of God." 215-31.

Deborah Savage. "Metaphysical Realism as the Foundation of Environmental Stewardship and Economic Development." 233-52.

Matthew Philipp Whelan. "Land, Economy, and the Measure of Christ: The Catholic Agrarianism of Vincent McNabb, O.P." 253-77.

Book Reviews. 279-306.

Pablo Gadenz
Daniel A. Keating
Joel N. Lohr
Bernard Mulcahy, O.P.
Mary Shivanandan
Lawrence J. Welch


Volume 10, Issue 2 - Spring 2012

James Keating. "Seminary Formation and Interior Silence." 307-19.

Karol Cardinal Wojtyla, et al. "The Foundations of the Church's Doctrine Concerning the Principles of Conjugal Life: A Memorandem Composed by a Group of Moral Theologians from Krakow." 321-59.

Janet E. Smith. "The Krakow Document." 361-81.

Paul Gondreau. "The Redemption and Divinization of Human Sexuality through the Sacrament of Marriage: A Thomistic Approach." 383-413.

Peter Kwasniewski. "St. Thomas on the Grandeur and Limitations of Marriage." 415-36.

Thomas Petri, O.P. & Michael A. Wahl. "Live Action and Planned Parenthood: A New Test Case for Lying." 437-62.

Michele M. Schumacher. "John Paul II's Theology of the Body on Trial: Responding to the Accusation of the Biological Reduction of Women." 463-84.

Mary Shivanandan. "Conjugal Spirituality and the Gift of Reverence." 485-506.

Jerome Zeiler, O.P. "Craniotomy: A Response to Martin Rhonheimer." 507-19.

Thomas Joseph White, O.P. "Toward a Post-Secular, Post-Conciliar Thomistic Philosophy: Wisdom in the Face of Modernity and the Challenge of Contemporary Natural Theology." 521-30.

David B. Burrell, C.S.C. "On Thomas Joseph White's Wisdom in the Face of Modernity." 531-37.

Nicholas J. Healy, Jr. "Natural Theology and the Christian Contribution to Metaphysics: On Thomas Joseph White's Wisdom in the Face of Modernity." 539-62.

D.C. Schindler. "Discovering the Given: On Reason and God." 563-604.

Thomas Joseph White, O.P. "Engaging the Thomistic Tradition and Contemporary Culture Simultaneously: A Response to Burrell, Healy, and Schindler." 605-23.

Book Reviews. 625-44.

John F. Boyle
Nathan Eubank
Daniel Keating
Ryan S. Peterson
Charles Sammons, O.F.M. Cap


Volume 10, Issue 3 - Summer 2012

Guy Bedouelle, O.P. "Mass Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Death of Father Henri-Dominique Lacordaire, O.P.: Homily Preached on 2 October 2011." 645-7.

John Haldane. "Same-Sex Marriage? A View from across the Atlantic." 649-56.

Corey L. Barnes. "Necessary, Fitting, or Possible: The Shape of Scholastic Christology." 657-88.

Bernhard Blankenhorn, O.P. "Aquinas as Interpreter of Augustinian Illumination in Light of Albertus Magnus." 689-714.

Stephen L. Brock. "The Diagonal and the Cross: Faith as a Source of Wonder." 715-30.

Lawrence Dewan, O.P. "The Existence of God: Can it be Demonstrated?" 731-56.

Fiona Lynch. "A Philosopher for our Time: Aquinas and Critical Reason." 757-74.

Randall B. Smith. "How to Read a Sermon by Thomas Aquinas." 775-804.

Stephen L. Brock. "The Causality of the Unmoved Mover in Thomas Aquinas's Commentary on Metaphysics XII." 805-32.

Kevin L. Flannery, S.J. "On Professor Berti's Interpretation of the Causality of the First Unmoved Mover." 833-62.

Enrico Berti. "The Finality of Aristotle's Unmoved Mover in the Metaphysics Book 12, Chapters 7 and 10." 863-76.

Book Reviews. 877-94.

Romanus Cessario, O.P. & Aquinas Guilbeau, O.P.
Holly Taylor Coolman
Trent Pomplun
Matthew Ramage
Craig Steven Titus


Volume 10, Issue 4 - Fall 2012

Romanus Cessario, S.J. "After Virtue, After Thirty Years: Laudatio for Alasdair MacIntyre." 895-900.

Reinhard Huetter. "Pornography and Acedia." 901-7.

Elliott Louis Bedford. "Catholic Social Teaching and the Women's Preventive Health Services Mandate." 909-22.

John M. McDermott, S.J. "Elizabeth Johnson on Revelation, Faith, Theology, Analogy, and God's Fatherhood." 923-83.

Hans Boersma. "History and Faith in Pope Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth." 985-91.

Geoffrey Wainwright. "The 'New Worship' in Joseph Ratzinger's Jesus of Nazareth." 993-1013.

William M. Wright IV. "Pre-Gospel Traditions and Post-Critical Interpretation in Benedict XVI's Jesus of Nazareth: Volume 2." 1015-27.

"Editors' Introduction to the Just War Symposium." 1029-30.

Joseph W. Koterski, S.J. "Just War and the Common Good." 1031-48.

Robert John Araujo, S.J. "Roman Catholic Teachings on the Use of Force: Assessing Rights and Wrongs from World War I to Iraq." 1049-72.

Gregory M. Reichberg. "Discontinuity in Catholic Just War Teaching? From Aquinas to the Contemporary Popes." 1073-97.

James Turner Johnson. "Holy War." 1099-1113.

Valerie O. Morkevicius. "Changing the Rules of the Game: A Just Peace Critique of Just War Thought." 1115-40.

Martin L. Cook. "Is Just War Spirituality Possible?" 1141-56.

Charles Matthewes. "Just War and the Theology of Evil." 1157-82.

Adam Afterman and Gedaliah Afterman. "'Rise Up and Kill Him First': On Modern Attempts to Create a Jewish Ethics of War." 1183-1213.

Book Reviews. 1215-36.

Earl Fernandes
Jeffrey L. Morrow
Charles Raith II
Jacob Shatzer

General Index to Nova et Vetera, Volume 10 (2012). 1237-41.






Bishop Charles Morerod

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