The new western scapegoat

by Sébastien Renault.

"Beware that no one leads you astray. For ... you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See to it that you are not frightened. (Mt 24:4-6)

Global warming, wokism, covidism, ukrainism...

Why such an uproar from the entire Western world suddenly so indignant about the geopolitical turn of events in Ukraine? Why are Western governments and their media organs of panic sellers and propagandist hysteria so obsessively accentuating the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, favoring a policy of isolation and irrational demonization of Vladimir Putin and Russia itself, in preference to the rational means of negotiation that are always available? Why do Silicon Valley, the multinationals, the big companies, the celebrities of entertainment and sports show today, in unison with the Western political-media "elites" of all stripes, display the same crocodile tears and the same acrimony with a blatantly racist Russophobic flavour? Why do millions of people, reluctant or even unable yesterday to stand up for their own inalienable rights in the face of the establishment of an unprecedented sanitary dictatorship, declare today, with a lot of virtuous signs on all the social networks of the great narcissistic indecency, that they support Ukraine and the rights of the Ukrainian people?

So many fundamentally rhetorical questions, as the reader will have understood.

Pluralism and freedom of expression, so preached in our beautiful "democratic" countries, are nowadays openly disavowed by the systematic censorship of any opinion that would deviate from the official warmist, wokist, covidist, and now Ukrainist narrative... We have become accustomed to this more violently than ever after more than two years of intensive psycho-mental covidiopathy, highly orchestrated collective hypnosis and sanitary state coercion authorizing itself, with impunity, to abrogate the fundamental freedoms of the peoples treated like human cattle by the representatives and legislators of the great Western "democracies". The leaders of these representative systems, rotten from within, have lied, together with their media acolytes, like vulgar tooth pullers.

Some of us have been censured, suspended and fired for standing up against the proven ineptitude of the universal imposition of bacterial and suffocating facial diapers, against the implementation of useless but compulsory "health and vaccine passes", against the persuasion and blackmail campaigns led by our political and medical "elites" in order to force the populations to new experimental messenger RNA injections...

The world of these last weeks has also witnessed the lamentable spectacle of a certain Justin Trudeau, wokist champion of multicolored freedom of expression1 and the defense of the rights of minority groups (as long as they are somehow related to the LGBTQ+ movement), pushing the tyranny of Canada's executive branch to the point of freezing the bank accounts and suspending the insurance policies of Canadian citizens who dared to participate in the peaceful "Freedom Convoy" demonstrations against the increasing excessiveness of health restrictions across the Atlantic.2. These punitive measures of dispossession of the people by state violence were justified by Trudeau and his fine team of patented tyrants by the invocation of the Canada Emergency Act, in case of a "national crisis". Sanctions by definition spoliatory, made effective as of February 15, 2022.

This is the same Trudeau who, in support of Indian farmers who have maintained a months-long blockade of major highways leading to New Delhi, in defiance of members of the Indian government rightly offended by his interference in their country's domestic politics, had flatly declared, "Canada will always support the right to peaceful protest anywhere in the world."3

Trudeau did not simply freeze the bank accounts of the peaceful protesters associated with the Freedom Convoy, thereby repressing their participation by restricting their ability to meet their most basic needs.

He went to the trouble of discrediting the Canadian truckers by equating their movement with a more or less "terrorist" collection of white supremacists, hence racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic militants (neo-Nazi militants of the extreme right, as was later "confirmed" by the member of the Canadian House of Commons, Ya'ara Saks, who revealed to the world that "honk honk", the Anglo-American onomatopoeia designating the redoubled sound of a truck's horn, was a way of meaning "Heil Hitler4).

This episode of a tyrannical and spoliating exercise on the part of the Canadian government led by the unworthy Trudeau, attests to the fact that the time had finally come to divert the attention of the populations from the crimes committed against them in the name of the sanitary emergency; and by the same token, to prevent them, as far as it is still possible, from discerning the real causes of the phenomenon of galloping inflation which afflicts them today.

Does this mean that, contrary to the official account, President Putin did not "shoot first" by launching Operation Z, but that he in fact considered it essential to respond to a sudden attack against Russia, which was not very visible, but was detected by his secret services? This is what Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov explained, indeed, speaking of preventive action against an imminent nuclear and/or chemical attack, from Ukrainian territory, and targeting the Russian-speaking and Russophile region of Donbass. In any case, the US propaganda has managed the information on the military action undertaken by the Russian army in terms of a spectacular Manichean confrontation, as if the eruption of the war had been foreseen and interpreted in advance in a univocal binary scheme.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict having officially broken out a few days later in Nazified Western Ukraine, we witnessed the always "edifying" spectacle of the US government proclaiming that it does not maintain or operate biological weapons facilities in Ukrainian lands, adding that any insinuation to the contrary was the certain fact of the "disinformation" services, both Russian and Chinese... The identification of the camp of the "pacifists" and therefore of the "good" was thus immediately imposed.

At the same time, however, we have seen the admission of the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, who appeared before the US Congress on March 85 and conceded that the United States was very concerned about the potential release of "research materials" from the so-called "biological research facilities" in Ukraine, if such "materials" were to fall into the hands of "Russian forces". What about these facilities? They don't exist, as the Pentagon spokesman and online "fact-checkers" attest... But there is still concern, according to the U.S. Under Secretary of State, that their "research materials" could end up in the hands of Russian military forces6. The portrait of the Pentagon as a virtuous hero has been somewhat tarnished...

It should be remembered that, according to the established practice of the Pentagon and other government agencies across the Atlantic (including the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the NCBI7), Atlanticist projects in the field of military-biological research in Third World countries are notably financed through different branches of the American administration - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

With regard to the US biological weapons facilities in Ukraine, the existence of which was thus acknowledged by Nuland speaking under oath, it is now established, on the basis of signed official documents, that the US Department of Defense has had a long-standing agreement with Ukraine to fund BTRP laboratory research programs there8. The official pretext is explained as early as August 2005 in terms of measures jointly put in place by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to prevent potential biological weapons proliferation9.

Nearly 15 years later, on April 22, 2020 to be exact, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine will confirm that the U.S. Department of Defense, through its Biological Threat Reduction Program, is "working with the Ukrainian government to consolidate and secure pathogens and toxins of security concern within Ukrainian government facilities, while supporting peaceful research and vaccine development."10.

During her last hearing before the US Congress on March 8, Victoria Nuland also declared, as if it were an irrefutable fait accompli, that Russia should in any case be held responsible for any criminal spread of these "research materials" (biological weapons) emanating from the (American-Ukrainian) biological research facilities operating on Ukrainian territory. This is an "accomplished" fact, but there is no real evidence for it, since it is an "irrefutable" reality only in the mind of the US Undersecretary of State and her indecisively Russophobic counterparts in Washington. As a result, in her accusatory flight against the Moscow enemy declared and already guilty of a crime about which Nulan can only affabulate and assert without any other form of trial, the "number 3" of American diplomacy ends up completely ignoring the elephant in the china store, namely her own testimony (which is also confirmed by official and signed American documents) attesting that the installations in question are indeed endorsed and supported by the United States government, with evidence to back it up...

What this controversy has revealed in the information war between the United States, Ukraine, Russia11 and China12 is the undeniable reality, not very surprising, of Ukrainian biological installations subsidized and supervised, for a long time, by the high authorities of the military-biological complex on the other side of the Atlantic.

It is therefore reasonable to suspect that other research activities of a possibly preventive nature, also more secretly active (research on the gain of function of new types of pathogens intended for biological warfare?), have been carried out there since at least 2005, according to the document referenced above; and this in an inevitably concerted manner between the U.S. Department of Defense and Ukrainian governmental health authorities. How could it have been otherwise?

The question, more or less rhetorical, is therefore naturally the following: why did the Pentagon want Ukrainian nationalist laboratories to participate in the implementation of such projects near the Russian border? This is a legitimate question, irreducible to the usual disqualifying accusation of "conspiracy" or of spreading "false information", when one knows that the United States maintains hundreds of militarized biological facilities in the four corners of the planet. To what end exactly?

And since we are talking about the "four corners of the planet", everyone will of course have noticed that they are by no means unanimously anti-Russian, which the West would like to be able to cement once and for all, with a view to establishing the control of the "so admirable" values of globalism, according to the technocratic master plan of the "Great Reset".

This does not dissuade the Western press from trumpeting that "the whole world" supports the NATO-led Ukraine against the aggression of the Russian Federation. For the Western media, despite their anti-racist posture, wokism obliges, cannot help but hide or treat these continents and nations that are Africa, India, China and South America with this more or less repressed disregard, typical of an old European colonialist inclination.

But the fact remains that outside of NATO and the United Kingdom, there is no international consensus against Russia's general military offensive in Ukraine. China, India, the United Arab Emirates13 and the majority of African states14 all smartly abstained from voting on the UN Security Council resolution denouncing the "Russian invasion of Ukraine". A denunciation which, it should be pointed out, does not include any element of constraint of a jurisdictional nature - contrary to what Macron implied in his televised speech of March 2, 2022, when he puffed up his chest and flexed his muscles as the UN's little flag bearer15 - as would be implied by the vote on a resolution "on the violations of international law" imputed, according to this narrative, to Moscow.

It should be noted here that the military links that exist between Russia and certain African countries certainly do not in themselves explain the refusal of the latter to interfere in NATO and European Union relations with Eurasia. African states are obviously not devoid of geopolitical wisdom or historical memory, after centuries of European colonization and imperialist interference. Let's show them some respect, instead of judging their prudential approach according to our own narrative conditioning and the very illusory criteria of our presumed Western "democratic superiority".

On a purely demographic basis, it should be remembered that China and India alone comprise nearly three billion people, more than all the NATO countries combined. These nations have no interest whatsoever in taking part in the ball of harsh economic sanctions being imposed on Russia today by an alliance of self-important Western nations and their imagined moral superiority.

To defame Putin by unilateral demonization of his person, to attack with "virtuous" vehemence the entire Russian people, to ban Russian information organs on the whole territory of the European Union, to declare an economic war on Russia in order to ostracize it, or even to exclude it from the community of nations, are all irrational behaviors marked by an inordinate pride on the part of the misguided West. These behaviors are more than likely to exacerbate tensions and thus dangerously escalate the current conflict to a point of no return.

Western-style subversion and demonization of Russia

During the last pandemic, it was the non-vaccinated who were the designated scapegoats for a world afflicted by the persistent terror of state covidism. Questioning the generalized containment of the population, which was as ruinous on the economic level as it was counterproductive on the health level? Unthinkable (anathema). Or the arbitrary suppression of early treatments against the aggravation of SARS-CoV-2 infection symptoms? Unthinkable again (another anathema). Or the political ineptitude of "health passes"? Something still unthinkable (another anathema). Or the ineffectiveness of "vaccines" in slowing the spread of new SARS-CoV-2 variants? Still unthinkable (another anathema). The indisputable source of all the ills of the society in the grip of the perpetuation of the sanitary crisis could only be found in this damned minority of inveterate resisters, selfish and irresponsible citizens refusing to be "vaccinated". That's all there is to it! The questioning of such a certainty could only come from two perfectly identified origins: conspiracy disinformation and belonging to some extreme right wing movement.

Let's go back, very briefly, to the major historical-geopolitical stages of the Western subversion leading today to the delirious Ukrainian demonization of Russia by the Western champions of supremacist "democracy".

With the breakup and dissolution of the Soviet Union more than thirty years ago, an agreement was reached between Gorbachev and Bush whereby the former USSR undertook to allow the reunification of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and West Germany. In return, Washington will commit itself to Moscow, in a moral geopolitical agreement (in the person of James Baker, U.S. Secretary of State between 1989 and 1993), promising that the former Warsaw Pact nations would remain independent to serve as a buffer zone between NATO and Russia... In the subsequent decades, up to the present day of interference in Ukraine, the United States has repeatedly broken this pledge, inducing Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia to join the NATO fold. This was the first stage of Western-style subversion, the latest acts of which we are seeing today in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Ukraine first fell into a period of deep corruption in the decades following its departure from the former Soviet Union, with the emergence of a particularly extensive oligarchic mafia network. The repercussions of this establishment of the mob in Ukraine would soon be painfully felt as a "force ... developing collusive and corrupt relationships with the political elite and exerting influence over many sectors of the economy."16. As the above-mentioned report published by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2002 points out, the expansion of organized crime in Ukraine as a key political and economic force has continued unabated from the early days of the post-Soviet era in the early 1990s until the early 2000s. Beyond this decade-long period, they will prepare a particularly fertile ground for the rise of wealthy figures, close to or from the Ukrainian mafia, to the highest offices of the state - whether to join the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine or to assume presidential functions (like Zelensky himself in 2019) on behalf of the West.

The attempts to overthrow and replace regimes through the implementation of colored revolutions in Eurasia for more than twenty years are above all Western-style mass marketing operations. In the guise of "popular" and "spontaneous" uprisings against corrupt governments and leaders, they are in reality financed, planned and executed with the direct assistance of the US government. In the context of the color revolutions (in the territories of the former USSR as well as in the Middle East), the US plan of attack relies on the same actors and institutions, starting with certain leading figures in both the Democratic and Republican parties. The fomentation of these major projects of clandestine interference abroad also involves the mobilization of NGOs and a whole range of American and European advisors, polling institutes and diplomatic bodies.

The Western preparation of these false-flag operations is a well-practiced exercise, the final objective of which consists in deploying sufficient organizational subversion to bring such and such a party and such an entity to power, in this case in certain key regions of the post-Soviet bloc. In the West, nothing new, and the decisive place of Ukraine on the Eurasian chessboard could not fail to be the object of such preparations.

The engineering of democracy in the countries of the former Soviet Union is obviously a Western "art". The Americans have learned to perfect it more and more as the "popular" revolutions have prepared the great confrontation that is taking place today in a West that has been left to its disarray, its anger, its confusion and its one-way moralism.

In 2014, the democratically elected government of Ukraine is overthrown by a violent Western-style coup. Hostilities would begin in February 2014 with the so-called "Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity" over the status of Crimea, then recognized by the "international community" as part of Ukraine, and parts of the Donbass. Hence the war in Donbass, opposing pro-Atlantic Ukrainian nationalists and pro-Russian separatist forces, against a backdrop of Ukrainian and Russian cyberattacks and underhanded US negotiations.

At a December 13, 2013 conference17a few weeks after the clashes associated with the Ukrainian Euromaidan protests began between November 2013 and February 2014, Victoria Nuland, then Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia, bluntly stated (as if to impress the audience) that the U.S. had spent some $5 billion and several years of preparation devoted to organizing the Mayan revolution, which was to lead to the establishment of a pro-European government following the removal of President Viktor Yanukovych18. We will also remember, especially those hypocritical ladies and gentlemen of Facebook19that a good part of these five billion dollars of US funds have been devoted to arming and training the most fanatically determined Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups.

It is understandable that the West did not care at all about the killing of thousands of its own citizens by the pro-European coalition Ukraine, whose most violent mercenaries it had financially and militarily backed. It nonetheless imposed economic sanctions on Russia when the latter tried to intervene to protect ethnic Russians in the separatist southeastern regions of Ukraine between 2014 and 2022...

As we have seen in several regions of the world plagued by interventionism by the forces of "democracy" and "good", subsidizing and taking geopolitical advantage of terrorist-oriented groups does not always pay the expected dividends.

The U.S. has spent the last decade lurking in the wings of the Ukrainian government, laying the groundwork for its joining the European Union, destabilizing Ukraine, and escalating its diplomatic and military tensions with Russia, just as it did in the 1979-1989 Afghan War, providing a set of technologies and military resources to the Mujahideen fighters, who would be joined, among others, by the Wahhabi jihadists of Saudi Arabia (led by Bin Laden, the official founder of Al-Qaeda). The same tactics, the same objectives of intensifying tensions, yesterday with the Soviet empire, today with Russia. Have they borne good fruit?

A quote often attributed to George Orwell translates as follows: "In an age of universal deception, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Whatever its origin, this beautiful apophthegm is particularly relevant to our age of institutionalized deception, in which truth itself stands as an aggressive principle, against the tide of ambient relativism and the power of media narratives.

However, telling the truth is not an insult to anyone. The facts are there, and it is advisable to analyze them rationally, in order to defuse as much as possible the phenomena of collective hysteria, whether it is a question of a sanitary crisis, in front of a virus whose mortality rate amounts to approximately 0.02% of the world population; or of a war in Ukraine presupposing a big bad Hollywood wolf, 1) in order to make the mechanism of scapegoat transfer work perfectly, and 2) in order to satisfy at the same time, the need of the West to remove the guilt from the situation: Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, ...

NATO aspires to unipolar world domination, displaying a predatory attitude towards Russia. In other words, the West aspires to the neutralization of Russia. The colorful revolutions of the past 18 years around the buffer zone in Ukraine have been orchestrated to set up calculated aggression against Russia and consequently maintain animosity between Moscow and the Atlanticist forces.

Who is playing with fire here?

Putin, whatever one thinks of the character, is once again neither a "madman" nor a "tyrant". Let's leave this terminology of silly and useless clichés for Hollywood movie scripts. All he has said and formally asked of the West and the pro-Atlanticist regime in Kiev is that Ukraine no longer be militarized by NATO and its allies (militarization that leads to it also being Nazified with the help of the same Western forces of the "fight against terrorism", which today means, incredibly, "fight against Putin and Russia").

The first step in the psychological process of collective validation of a certain designated scapegoat is to forget the historical context that fueled the birth of such a conflict in the first place, as this would risk weakening the simplifying, Manichean narrative that must necessarily prevail in the West. It is to this effect that Putin, we are told, is a "dictator", "a mental patient", and that this shaping of a demonized figure of the other can make its way as a basic explanatory thread of the last conflictual events in Ukraine. This thread and these objectively irrational remarks are part of the software of the programming of the Western masses by organized media propaganda.

Acquiring a certain understanding of the context and the real stakes of this conflict, rather than barking like Pavlov's dogs at the sole name of Putin, the "dictator" whom we have learned to hate by pure psycho-media conditioning, would be a more intelligent thing and more likely to de-escalate a conflict that could potentially degenerate into the worst scenarios. To fan the flames as the arrogant West is doing today, eager for more sanctions, is a matter of the most sinister hypocrisy and collective folly.

Unbearable hypocrisy and folly of the West and all the wars it has propagated throughout the world in the name of "peace" and (above all) the god of money, while presenting itself today as "anti-racist" and "pacifist". The more or less tacit approval of "admissible" forms of ethnic-racial detestation, today of the irrationally demonized Russia, shows how this was all a political pretext, a great show of virtuous signalling of the most detestable kind, both in its hypocrisy, its partisan selectivity, and its hatred of the truth.

In dialogic form: to answer some objections20

"We didn't choose much from what has happened in the last three years."

We agree. But this does not mean that we should passively submit to it, bowing to the implementation of unjustified "sanitary" restrictions, against a backdrop of social segregation that is as unjust as it is inadmissible. By actively resisting the tendency to let oneself be dragged into one-sided emotional narrativities of social engineering - whether it is a "health crisis" or a geopolitical crisis - it is quite possible and even necessary for the mental health of anyone who is still free to think rationally (sheltered from the surges of unbridled media lies), to get out of the unacceptable imposition of some unhealthy collective blindness.

"But Western blindness does not justify the violent annexation of its neighbor."

To speak of the "violent annexation of one's neighbor", by which is meant Russia's annexation of Ukraine, is to take the bait of an emotional "narrative" fabricated in the West to feed a one-sided indignation. It is impossible to subscribe to it as soon as one tries to get a factual historical perspective on the internal divisions in Ukraine, divisions that first led to the Orange Revolution of 2004.

In 2014, the elected president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, signed an energy agreement with Russia, rather than signing it with the European Union. Open war with Ukraine immediately followed, again under the false flag of a new "people's revolution" - that is, in reality, a real coup d'état orchestrated by local ultra-nationalist groups (ukronazis), with the support of the US State Department and billions of dollars from George Soros' Open Society Foundations and Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum (usual figures in these operations, also involved in the organization of the covidization of the world) - whose primary mission is the geostrategic destabilization of Ukraine in favor of American-Atlantic expansionism right up to the doorstep of Russia.

Since this impeachment, which is perfectly contrary to the rules of international law concerning the sovereignty of nations, puppets in the service of NATO's expansionist interests have been "running" Ukraine, with the complicity of a cabal of Ukrainian oligarchs who are very well connected, both in the United States and in Western and Central Europe, particularly in the world of international investment banks, energy, and mass media companies.

As for the reciprocal and more or less mafia-like implications between the main figures of the Ukrainian oligarchy and the US political world, it is worth noting that Biden's son, Hunter Biden, is not the only one who has been substantially accused of having dubious dealings with the Westernized Ukraine. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi21former Secretary of State John Kerry22Republican Senator Mitt Romney23Bill and Hillary Clinton24 have also been linked to suspicious arrangements and transactions with the Ukrainian business community.

It should be noted in passing that the story of the clandestine emails and Hunter Biden's laptop25s laptop, full of compromising documents (including photos related to his particularly deviant and illegal sexual activities), a story that was supposedly denied in its entirety following its appearance in October 2020, has since resurfaced as not having the slightest original link with any "Russian disinformation" operation26. Something that the New York Times itself has now confirmed by taking a closer look at the FBI's criminal investigation into both the Biden son's tax irregularities and his equally dubious entrepreneurial activities abroad, notably in Ukraine27.

The general thrust of these known but largely ignored scandals by the press, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and its corrupt intelligence services (CIA) is that there are indeed deep links between the children (and stepchildren) of central figures in the U.S. Democratic Party - primarily Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi Jr. and Christopher Heinz28 - and Ukrainian oil industry interests29.

Can we really think that it is accidental that Russia began its offensive on pro-Atlantic Ukraine after the arrival in the White House of the one and only US president whose son sat on the board of directors of a Ukrainian energy company under investigation for corruption (and massive money laundering)?

Let's go back to the issue of the alleged "annexation" of Ukrainian territory by Russia, one of the main grievances of the Russophobic Western propaganda today.

The pro-Atlanticist Ukrainian regime has not accepted the secession of Donetsk and Luhansk. As a result, it has been relentlessly bombing the inhabitants of these separatist regions of eastern Ukraine since 2014 (some 14,000 civilians massacred over the past eight years, without the slightest show of public indignation or the slightest Western tear on social networks, which confirms the unbearable hypocrisy of the past few weeks). More than half a million people have fled Ukraine for Russia since the 2014 Atlanticist coup d'état, seeking refuge in lands not only free from the bombardment of the Kiev-based regime, but also much better off economically.

Moral: Ukraine, a buffer zone between Russia and Atlanticist Europe, has not been annexed by Putin's Russia, as the current propagandist discourse in Western Europe and the United States would have it.

The Maidan "revolution" in February 2014, marking the start of the Pentagon-UK-orchestrated uprising, had a threefold mission: 1) to oust President Yanukovych; 2) to incite the Crimeans to secede and join Russia (so that they could accuse Russia of "expansionism," even though Crimea is indeed Russian in origin; 3) to start a civil war in the Donbass region, to justify future criminal actions by Ukraine in the pay of Western expansionism. Simply aligning oneself emotionally with the campaign of unilateral censorship of Russia by the Western media and major groups will not allow anyone to understand the fundamental springs of this conflict, which is actually wanted by the West.

"If I had to choose, I think I'd still prefer white-collar NATO criminals to high-booted, shaved-headed criminals..."

The "criminals with high boots and shaved heads" are rampant in Western Ukraine, in the service of NATO (wearing the colors of the most extreme and undignified neo-nazification forces). As a reminder, post-Soviet Russia is not the former USSR. It is high time to get rid of the obsolete Cold War paradigm, which no longer applies at all today.

The current Russophobic hype and the resulting Western misreading of events in Ukraine are the direct result of a new mass psychological manipulation.

The aim of this media war against the people is to create a kind of blind rage and hysterical mass hatred towards Putin and Russia.

To this end, the power of the instigators and propagators of the unipolar world government rests simply, but effectively, on the dissociation of the mind - as the faculty of perceiving and shaping information within the mind - from the irreducible reality of the things and events constituting the world of extra-mental information.

The Western "democratic" system functions on the basis of the fabrication of a certain collective perception. This perception is induced by controlling public opinion, according to which the world we live in is essentially unipolar, i.e. Western (good people, progressive, peaceful, etc.). It is in the context of this artificial perception, again using standard social engineering techniques, that so-called "democratic" institutions begin to shape and generate consent for their one-sided worldview among the populations.

This is a classic technique of manufacturing consent, especially for the kind of transnational events that the masses are not at all able to comprehend outside of the narrative they are fed 24 hours a day (through one-sided media hype, official state propaganda, presidential speeches, showbiz outpourings of emotional support and righteous signals, etc.). The success of advertising and social networks attests to the fact that the manipulation of the masses is, for those who work and practice it, a child's play. One can refer to a recent text by General Dominique Delawarde, which deals in an eloquent and detailed manner with the "development of Russophobic hysteria by spreading fake news, while practicing censorship".

Western elites do have a habit of exercising this kind of power by controlling the ambient discourse and its authorized media narrative framework. It is almost impossible to resist it, unless one consciously exercises a strong counter-narrative to develop some competence in it.

This is the price to pay for anyone who really seeks the truth.

The purpose of this counter-narrative effort is, on the contrary, to reach a certain objectivity and honesty in the analysis of the events and the forces at play, beyond the emotional noise of Western propaganda. That is to say, as much as possible, to evaluate a situation in a rational way, avoiding any voluntary association with the pathos characteristic of the dominant discourse.

"I understand your view of Western Machiavellianism, but I find it hard to see how Putin is a virtuous politician. He would miraculously escape the madness of power, he who is at the head of his country since 1999?"

This is obviously not what you will find as such under my pen, because that is not the point. This is not to say that the character is without virtue, that he is nothing but this completely mad "despot" ready to eliminate anyone who stands in his way by opening the ball of "large-scale [atomic] bombing", according to his Hollywood caricature most brandished in our affabulatory and infantile media.

With regard to his continued leadership of Russia after more than 20 years in power, we must once and for all give up imagining that our "democracies" are something intrinsically worthy of imitation by all other states on the planet. In other words, we have to give up projecting them onto Russia and evaluating what is happening there (or what we would like to happen there, according to our own Western standards and objectives) in terms of "democracy", as if "democracy" were a good in itself (which it obviously is not, I guess there is no need to insist on this fact, which is perfectly demonstrated in so-called "democratic" lands).

Not demonizing Putin obviously does not imply his canonization. But we should learn to return to some elementary sense of nuance and not imagine that if someone says "x is black" it automatically follows that y is white. Emotional Manicheism is a symptom of non-thinking. It is therefore necessary to free oneself from it, if one wants to think.

Conclusion: surface victory of Western emotional moralism

With the gradual decline of the covidian epidemic, the world needed a new scapegoat, a new culprit for the world's ills. Ladies and gentlemen, don't even think about it, because they will call you "conspiracy theorists" (which is always very bad for your reputation). Please, look no further than Putin, the despot of the first quarter of the 21st century.

And not only Putin the "tyrant", but also the Russian people themselves and everything that, from near or far, has any reference to Russia and its cultural influence (including Dostoyevsky, recently banned from an Italian university30). Let's think about the ongoing ostracisation of all Russians abroad, not only of travellers by closing the airspace between Russia, the United States and the member states of the European Union, but also of those who are forbidden from continuing to exercise their professions there. One might wonder what happened to our "anti-racism". Until recently, however, ethno-racist stigmatization was considered a cardinal sin; and "anti-racism" was considered a mandatory posture of righteous reporting on all social media...

Contemporary statism governs more than ever through fear, whether it be global warming, covidism, or Russian - according to the dominant Ukrainian software. Climatic fear, viral fear, fear of war, that is to say fear whose permanence must be ensured in order to justify measures of "protection" of the people in the long term, which testifies to a vision of the world strangely in conformity with that of the World Economic Forum...

It still governs through "woke capitalism" (or wokism), an integral part of the institutional constitution of Western statism as such. First embodied in BLM-ism, wokism now extends through all the ramifications of the universe of progressive "thought" prevalent in the West under the control of a systematic emotional manipulation of issues of society, law, environmental policy, literature, etc. It does so, and it is the only way to ensure that it is not used as an instrument of the state. It does so, and this is the tactical hypocrisy that characterizes it, in the arbitrary, restrictive, but also "inclusive" sense that it will give to these various domains - as dictated by the original "anti-racist" pretext - at the whim of the emotions and feelings of the moment.

In solidarity with institutional wokism, we must also reckon today with this almost irrepressible propensity to the "culture of cancellation/banning" (the cancel culture, according to the original Anglo-American locution). A culture of public denunciation and exclusion of any figure (or group of individuals) who has transgressed the implicit dogma of cognitive, rhetorical and behavioral bien-pensance of the world of official "tolerance" that takes the place of substitute "natural law" in the "awakened" West.

It is in the light of this propensity for the "culture of cancellation" as a basic retributive strategy that one must understand the state of mind at work today behind the Western "response" of escalation and sanctions (more than 5,500 to date) aimed at the cultural, social and digital ostracisation of Russia. Financially speaking, the globalized consequences of such coercive decisions on the part of the leaders of Europe and the United States will be felt more and more cruelly by their own populations, already considerably weakened by two years of exorbitant and calamitous health decisions. With the forces of contemporary occidentalism, the wokist sentimentality of punitive cancellation must necessarily take precedence over reason, negotiation and diplomacy. In short, over the common good.

Moreover, can we really believe that hindering the dynamics of economic exchanges by joining forces to seize the funds of another sovereign state31 can really contribute to restoring peace in Ukraine? This completely illegal confiscation of Russian assets by the despoiling forces of Western "democracy" illustrates what one should really think of the double standards of our self-proclaimed elites.

Western governments believe themselves to be "peaceful" and "altruistic" systems working for the betterment of humanity through self-righteous globalist technocracy. In reality, as bodies dedicated to the ecological, sanitary and territorial homogenization of the world, they are objectively harming their own populations by imposing carbon taxes, massive confinements, experimental injections, and economic sanctions directed against a ready-made enemy whose repercussions, when returned to the sender, will prove disastrous in the West, without alleviating any of the atrocious wartime suffering incurred today by the populations directly affected on the Russian-Ukrainian front.

To satisfy the almost addictive need for emotional manicheism in the West, the media establishment will continue to present Zelensky (expect him to be on the front page of Time Magazine in 2022 and to be voted "sexiest man of the year" by some other rag), comedian32 and mafia oligarch33such as this "hero" with a valiant heart and admirable singer of peace in Ukraine34 on the other hand, the dreadful Putin, an inhuman despot in search of undivided Eurasian domination and dangerously itching for a certain nuclear trepidation. The narrative should be simple and catchy: Western democracy on one side, Moscow dictatorship on the other. The sentimentalist orthodoxy of the West will have to get the better of all discernment, of all intelligence, of all meta-narrative reality in order to give itself a good conscience through its daily cultural cancellations, each one more imbecilic and dismaying than the other. Last in date35the media depreciation of the act of the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man to have made a complete orbit around the Earth in the capsule Vostok 1 on April 12th 1961.

Faced with the moralism of Western-style cultural cancellation, Russia has therefore lost the narrative war of information. Nevertheless, it will be able to adapt and take advantage of its independence on the basis of important resources in raw materials and financial assets.

Sanctioning in turn of arm, the moraline in poop, the condemning elites, having designated the new scapegoat of the world, imagine themselves really holders of the absolute moral right and violate consequently, in all impunity, the common law. This is what systematized Ukrainianism shows every day, taking the example of covidism.

Under the pretext of an environmentalist fad transposed to the field of climate36of the emergence of a health crisis, or of a geostrategic conflict polarized to excess (to satisfy the emotional manicheism of contemporary spectators and tweeters), everything is allowed today to finally call for a war declared against the peoples37. For there is indeed a repeated declaration of war, against the Europeans in particular, first thanks to the ghostly weapon of SARS-CoV-2 (to generate the disaster, which is visible, of the criminal covidic management of the world since March 2020), then thanks to the accusing weapon of "dictators" so named by the forces of "good", in the name of sacrosanct democracy and other perfectly idolatrous lies that a supremacist West imagines itself to be above all.

For the instrumental fear mentioned above cannot properly be maintained without some identifying focal point, immediately recognizable by contemporary consumers of immediate information. This is the main psychological role that the great successive hysterias take on today, whether it is global warming, the Covid-19 pandemic, Putin and Russia...

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