Popes against modern errors : 16 papal documents (in Latin)

  1. On liberalism (Mirari Vos) by Pope Gregory XVI
  2. On current errors (Quanta Cura) by Pope Pius IX
    1. Cf., e.g., §3 of this encyclical to §2 of Vatican II's Dignitatis Humanæ.
    2. Vide also 6. below.
  3. Syllabus of errors by Pope Pius IX
    1. Cf. condemned propositions 15 and 77-79 to Vatican II's Dignitatis Humanæ.
    2. Vide also 6. below and
    3. Brian Mullady, O.P. (1994). "Religious Freedom: Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Development?". The Thomist 58: 93-108.
    4. Religious Liberty by Fr. Thomas Crean, O.P.
    5. "Benedict XVI's 'Hermeneutic of Reform' and Religious Freedom" in Nova et Vetera by Martin Rhonheimer
    6. "What is the Catholic doctrine of religious liberty?" (full version) by Prof. Thomas Pink
    7. "Catholic teaching on religion and the state" by John Lamont
    8. Cardinal Manning's sermon on the Syllabus
  4. On the origin of civil power (Diuturnum) by Pope Leo XIII
  5. On Freemasonry and Naturalism (Humanum Genus) by Pope Leo XIII
    1. Pope Leo XIII highly recommended Msgr. George F. Dillon's book on this subject: Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked (a.k.a. War of Anti-Christ with the Church and Christian Civilization).
    2. The Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita by John Vennari
    3. "La masonería, la represión anticatólica y la rebelión armada de los cristeros en México" por Álex Rosal
  6. On the nature of true liberty (Libertas Praestantissimum) by Pope Leo XIII
    1. Vide also "Religious Liberty & Vatican II" by Michael Davies,
    2. John R. T. Lamont (2008). "Determining the Content and Degree of Authority of Church Teachings". The Thomist 72: 371-407., and
    3. Orestes Browson's "Catholicity Necessary to Sustain Popular Liberty."
  7. On the condition of the working classes (Rerum Novarum) by Pope Leo XIII
    1. Vide also the Distributist Review.
  8. On Christian democracy (Graves de Communi Re) by Pope Leo XIII
    1. Vide also his 1899 encyclical to Cdl. Gibbons of the United States Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae regarding the heresy of Americanism.
  9. Syllabus condemning the errors of the Modernists (Lamentabili Sane) by Pope St. Pius X
  10. On Modernism (Pascendi Dominici Gregis) by Pope St. Pius X (Fr. Thwaites, SJ, reading it: part 1, part 2, part 3)
    1. Catechism on Modernism by Pascendi's drafter Fr. Jean Baptiste Lemius (1851-1938)
    2. The Roots of Modernism, a talk on the history of Modernism by Farley Clinton
  11. Our Apostolic Mandate (On the "Sillon") by Pope St. Pius X
  12. The oath against Modernism by Pope St. Pius X
    1. Introduction to the Oath, Sacrorum antistitum (in Latin)
  13. On the Feast of Christ the King (Quas Primas) by Pope Pius XI
  14. On fostering true religious unity (Mortalium Animos) by Pope Pius XI (Fr. Thwaites, SJ, reading it)
    1. "The New Evangelization: Quo Vadis?" in Homiletic & Pastoral Review by Paul Kokoski
  15. On atheistic communism (Divini Redemptoris) by Pope Pius XI
  16. On certain false opinions which threaten to undermine the foundations of Catholic Doctrine (Humani Generis) by Pope Pius XII. (Fr. Thwaites, SJ, reading it)
    1. Vide also "The structure of the encyclical 'Humani Generis'" by Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P.,
    2. Pope Leo XIII's encyclical Æterni Patris (in Latin here) on the restoration of Christian philosophy, and
    3. Greenstock, David L., T.O.P., "Thomism and the New Theology," The Thomist, 13 (1950) p. 567.

Humanae Vitae and the Canadian bishops' mass-dissent of it (Winnipeg Statement, Sept. 27, 1968), which they still haven't retracted

Open Letter to Confused Catholics and "Abp. Lefebvre and Religious Liberty" by Abp. Lefebvre
Archbishop Lefebvre and the Vatican by Fr. Laisney
Faith Imperiled by Reason: Benedict XVI's Hermeneutics by Bp. Tissier
Modernism book list from WorldCat


For more information on the Novus Ordo, read:

  1. Dr. James Lothian (2000 October). "Mass of Paul VI: The Record After Thirty Years". Homiletics & Pastoral Review (1): 26-31.
  2. "The Vatican II Renewal: Myth or Reality" by statistician Kenneth C. Jones
  3. "Merit of a Mass" by Fr. Chad Ripperger, FSSP.
  4. Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi of the Novus Ordo vs. Catholic Mass
  5. A Brief Comparison of the Traditional Roman [1954] & Pian [1962] Holy Week Ceremonies
  6. The council that might have been, translated documents of the preparatory commission

The Religious Sense by Giussani, disciple of Modernists Blondel and De Lubac
"Medjugorje: A False Charismatism" by Fr. Luigi Villa
St. Robert Cardinal Bellarmine on the pope-heretic question