He who labors as he prays lifts his heart to God with his hands. —St. Benedict of Nursia

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Stanley Jaki International Congress 2024

Started by Geremia, April 30, 2024, 03:03:10 PM

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Stanley Jaki International Congress
Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Videos that mention ecclesiology, Thomism (Garrigou-Lagrange), or Duhem:
  • 01:08:51-01:40:18 "Jaki and Barbour: Pilgrims on Parallel Paths of the Science and Religion Journey" - Rev. Joseph R. Laracy, S.T.D.
  • 04:58:18-05:25:53 "Theology as a Science and the Dialogue with Other Sciences from a Thomistic Perspective"- Rev. João Paulo Santiago, C.S.J.
  • 05:57:45-06:27:50 "Stanley Jaki: A Life Devoted to the Relationship Between Science and Faith" - Antonio Colombo, M.S.
  • 07:27:30-07:59:48 "All Things were Made through Him: Some Thoughts about The Teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas on the Relationship between Matter and God" - Jordan Miller, Ph.D.