At the end of our life, we shall all be judged by charity. —St. John of the Cross

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Started by Geremia, May 31, 2016, 09:55:40 AM

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Please give you suggestions and report any problems you experience here.


Someone PMed me:
QuoteIs my email address public?
No, I don't think email addresses are public.
QuoteWhen I look at my profile I can see it, but can't see anybody else's.  I don't have an option of disabling it either, so for now I just changed it.
That's fine. An email address is only required for password recovery, but since email isn't working from the server now, a valid address isn't necessary.


Memcache has been enabled, so pages should render/load faster now.


Hi Geremia! Thank you so much for the library of worthwhile books, a great blessing indeed.

Can I please make a suggestion to reach more souls?

Many in our country have recourse to Library Genesis for access to reading materials, both secular and religious. Apparently, it hosts the largest collection of e-books.

However, there is a dearth of good Catholic books in that site. I myself have tried to contribute the few that I had, in the hope that some needy soul may fortunately come across them.

I've tried to check whether the materials here may already be available in Library Genesis... Some are, though very many aren't. Yours is truly a spiritual treasure trove.

If I may be so daring: Could you please upload the collection to Library Genesis as well? I'm sure it would do good to so many, especially the works of the Saints.

For your convenience, I've looked up the details of uploading and present them here:


USERNAME: genesis

PASSWORD: upload

I do hope you would entertain my humble request... I can only imagine the great profit souls would have, whether they seek out these Catholic works or merely chance upon them in LibGen.


Quote from: palisadehealer on April 17, 2021, 09:31:13 AMLINK:
USERNAME: genesis
PASSWORD: upload
Thank you for the excellent suggestion! I didn't know they had an upload FTP site. I see ZLibrary does, too.
Both those sites do have books taken from this library, it seems.
Unfortunately, server's internet connection's upload speed is very slow (~1-2Mbps). It would take 4-7days or so to upload the entire 92GB library. You're certainly welcome to donate some bitcoin so I can upgrade the internet connection plan to something with more upload speed. ;)


Happy feast day of Saint Joseph the Worker!

I'm sorry for the late reply, Geremia... Yes, ZLibrary as well! Though I found this on Wikipedia:

"Contrary to Library Genesis and Sci-Hub, not much is known about Z-Library in terms of its operation, management, commercial status and mission statement. Notably, Z-Library doesn't open its full database to the public."

Hence it seems Library Genesis may be a better choice for upload, to reach more people...
Unfortunately, I don't have access to bitcoin either, and can't really shell out money (still a student, from the Philippines)... A call for donors please! :-[

Meanwhile, I hope the upload is still moving forward despite the limited speed... slowly but surely does it. It's certainly worthwhile!

As it was also the feast of St. Catherine of Siena just recently, here's to wishing many more souls may have access to good spiritual books...


Quote from: palisadehealer on April 30, 2021, 08:19:26 PMit seems Library Genesis may be a better choice for upload
I've noticed Library Genesis usually has all Z-Library's books anyways. Z-Library has a bit more automated uploading process, though I had to write a Greasemonkey JavaScript to automatically fill out title and author name metadata for the books it didn't recognize automatically.

Quote from: palisadehealer on April 30, 2021, 08:19:26 PMAs it was also the feast of St. Catherine of Siena just recently, here's to wishing many more souls may have access to good spiritual books...


Quote from: palisadehealer on April 30, 2021, 08:19:26 PMI don't have access to bitcoin
You can buy bitcoin in your area using or by using an international exchange (which should work in the Philippines).


Dear Geremia,

I checked some books in Z-Library, and I indeed found your books there... But unfortunately they don't show up when searched for in Library Genesis :(

If I may sincerely request, would it be possible for you to upload this spiritual treasury to Library Genesis as well, that more souls may be reached?

(Sadly, the correspondence between LibGen and Z-Lib does not hold true for a significant number of books, as I have checked...)

As a side note, would you have PayPal? I know someone who has access to it and has the means...

Again thank you so much for your initiative to help Catholics and people of good will...


Quote from: palisadehealer on May 27, 2021, 08:29:28 PMunfortunately they don't show up when searched for in Library Genesis
I'm uploading them here now:
Then I'll have to write a script to automate posting each link here and setting metadata.
It's doable, but currently<FTP_URL> is giving internal server errors.

Quote from: palisadehealer on May 27, 2021, 08:29:28 PMwould you have PayPal?
No. They participate in financial censorship and donate to abortuaries like Planned Parenthood.
Tell your friend to use a bitcoin exchange and donate bitcoin.


Dear Geremia,

I just learned of this just now... Apparently Z-Library is a for-profit venture and receives files from LibGen, but not vice versa:

And so I hope the FTP upload to LibGen turned out well!

God bless you for all your help.



Dear Geremia,

A quick update: I noticed there were changes to the Library Genesis site!

I am praying that the FTP option is working now... Could you please see whether an upload is possible?

Thank you so much, and may God bless you.


P.S. I was able to gather some more materials from friends... may I send them to you for as contribution to the collection of sound Catholic materials?

(There are also various books of cultural worth, but most of them are specifically concerned with understanding, living, and propagating the Faith.)

Here is a link to the cloud storage where I've transferred them... I hope these may help many more souls! Again, thank you so much for all your kind work.


Quote from: palisadehealer on September 19, 2021, 11:20:01 PM
Someone deleted the directory, so thanks for the link to their new librarian page. It's not clear, though, how to add FTPed files to the database.

I've written a Selenium script to automate the uploading using a browser:
It uploads the smallest files first.
You can view the latest uploaded files.


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