"To publish Catholic journals and place them in the hands of honest men is not enough. It is necessary to spread them as far as possible that they may be read by all, and especially by those whom Christian charity demands we should tear away from the poisonous sources of evil literature." –Pope St. Pius X

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Which dogmas have you had to defend in your lifetime?

Started by Kephapaulos, June 19, 2016, 05:43:41 PM

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I do not want to boast or cause anyone to boast about this because all the glory is to go to our Lord God when defending the Truth.

One was no salvation outside Catholic Church where I debated over the fact that Protestants are not in the True Church. I understand better now though that that is objectively so.

In recent times, I have had to defend the dogma of the perpetual virginity of Our Lady and of purgatory.


I've had to defend against religious indifferentism, which could be considered a subset of extra Ecclesiam nulla salus.