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Adam prophesied Christ & Church marriage?

Started by Geremia, February 26, 2022, 04:02:48 PM

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I've been fascinated with Hales's et. al.'s arguments that Christ incarnated ∵ bonum est diffusivum sui, the He's maximally diffused by filling both our intellectual and sensory parts; vide the quotes here.

But I discovered another fascinating argument by Grosseteste based on Genesis 2:24 and Ephesians 5:32 (Hunter, If Adam Had Not Sinned 2020, pp. 93-4):
Quote from: Robert GrossetesteAdam prophesied, before his fall, the marriage of Christ and the church, saying, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and will cleave to his wife, and there will be two in one flesh." About this the Apostle said, "This great mystery is of Christ and the church." [...] while knowing and believing nothing about the sin of the human race, which was to come, he believed in the marriage of Christ and the church.
DCL III.1.20; p. 127, 3–6: "Item, Adam ante lapsum suum prophetavit matrimonium Christi et ecclesiæ, dicens: Quamobrem relinquet homo patrem et matrem et ad­ herebit uxori sue; et erunt duo in carne una. De quo dicit apostolus: Sacramentum est hoc magnum in Christo et ecclesia." [...] DCL III.1.20; p. 127, 13–15: "Nihil igitur de peccato humani generis quod esset futurum sciens vel credens, credidit matromonium Christi et ecclesiæ."


Interesting. It makes perfect sense that Adam prophesied the union of Christ and the Church since the Church is His Mystical Body, being the one flesh, with reception of Holy Communion as an expression of that union in each member of the Church.