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"Double truth"

Started by Kephapaulos, August 24, 2017, 08:50:45 PM

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Is there such thing as the "double truth"? Charles Coulombe mentions it here:


That something can be true for faith and false for philosophy or vice versa is what the Muslims, following Avveroes, believe; it's also what the Modernists believe; cf. Pascendi §§16-17.
See "Reason & Fauth: Double-Truths?" and fn. 115 here.


I see. So it was not a fair charge against Thomism then. It seems to also be unfounded that St. Bonaventure called St. Thomas Aquinas " the father of all heresies," for I found no such quote in any source, unless it was just gest or joke of some sort on the part St. Bonaventure since he and St. Thomas were good friends.