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Cathar influence on John XXIII & Paul VI

Started by Geremia, August 08, 2019, 03:43:38 PM

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Simone Weil was a neo-Cathar whom John XXIII ("Oh yes, I love this soul!") and Paul VI both considered important influences in their intellectual deformation.

Year of Three Popes p. 2:
QuoteHe [Paul VI] was theologically [de]formed by reading [Liberal] Maritain, [ecumaniac/Protestant] Congar, and [nature≡grace] de Lubac, and intellectually [de]formed by [Jansenist] Pascal, [novelist] Bernanos, and [Jew-neo-Cathar] Simone Weil.

Weil wrote a letter circa 1940 in which "she spoke of her admiration for the Catharist movement and used the word adherence as opposed to curiosity" (Joseph Marie Perrin, O.P., Simone Weil As We Knew Her pt. 1, ch. 6, fn. 2).

Like the Cathars, Weil
  • rejected the Old Testament, (Cathars rejected the Old Testament in part because they thought the material world and marriage, cf. Gen. 1:28: "be fruitful and multiply", are evil.)
  • was a dualist, (cf. #1 above.)
  • was a revolutionary, anarchist, and Trotskyite, (Cathars were also revolutionaries, being against oaths, the bedrock of feudalism and medieval society.)
  • starved herself to death, a "virtuous" act Albigenses/Cathars called the endura.

During this octave of the feast of St. Dominic, may he intercede for the extirpation from the Church of Modernism—the synthesis of all heresies, including those of the neo-Cathars and Albigensians!