"Omnis enim res quæ dando non deficit, dum habetur et non datur, nondum habetur quomodo habenda est." ("For a possession which is not diminished by being shared with others, if it is possessed and not shared, is not yet possessed as it ought to be possessed.") —St. Augustine, De doctrina Christiana lib. 1 cap. 1

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Pope St. Pius X: The Church is a monarchy.

Started by Geremia, August 30, 2019, 05:15:11 PM

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Pope St. Pius X, letter Ex quo (26 Dec. 1910), Denzinger 2147a (3555):
Quotewith no less falsity, one is invited to believe that the Catholic Church was not in the earliest days a sovereignty of one person, that is a monarchy
[Latin original:] deinde non minori falsitate inicitur persuasio, Ecclesiam catholicam non fuisse primis sæculis principatum unius, hoc est monarchiam

Also, in his allocution to the Consistory of June 17, 1793, Quare Lacrymæ, commenting on King Louis XVI's death in January that year, Pope Pius VI said monarchy is the best form of government ("praestantioris monarchici regiminis forma").